WE … manage cooperation systems and finance the flow of commodities in the trade

The ANWR GROUP’s operations focus on two business segments:

1.       Trade & Partnerships

2.       Financial Services

In addition, our group offers trading companies a broad service portfolio across business segments and furthermore boasts a large investment and real estate portfolio.

Trade & Partnerships: We shape markets with retailers and confederations

Together with around 6,000 associated retailers, we bring extensive product ranges to the different speciality stores – with unparalleled choice in the areas of shoes, leather goods and bicycle goods.

The ANWR GROUP plays a central role as an aggregator in the value chain between production and retailers. With well over 1,000 supplier contracts, we offer retailers profitable access to the production side. By the same token, many predominantly medium-sized suppliers can tap into an important sales channel through us.

Financial Services: Retailers rely on DZB BANK and AKTIVBANK

We are number one in Europe in the area of trade-related financial issues. Our leadership is the result of high-quality services, advanced technology, innovative product portfolios and pioneering information management. Our banks specialise in central settlement and also handle del credere liability in this segment. We thus guarantee our business partners on the supplier side timely 100% payments without default risk. Factoring, corporate finance and processing trade-related cash flows round out our financial services portfolio.

In both business segments we operate in 14 European countries, namely Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In addition, the ANWR GROUP is partner to renowned global groups through its subsidiaries.