WE … manage the flow of commodities in the trade

In order to be able to compete, cooperatives, confederations of retailers, franchise systems and their affiliated wholesalers and retailers, as well as suppliers and industry partners need to rely on an experienced financial services partner. The two subsidiaries of the ANWR GROUP, DZB BANK and AKTIVBANK, shape the financial services business segment. Both institutions are dedicated to central settlement including del credere liability, factoring, corporate finance as well as handling trade-related cash flows (payment). With their comprehensive portfolio they contribute significantly to the financing of commodity flows for the trade and crafts.

DZB BANK: the bank for the trade

For over 30 years, central settlement has been the core competence of DZB BANK for suppliers and retailers in a confederation. Today, DZB BANK is the financial services partner for more than 20 national and international trade cooperatives – confederations of retailers and franchise systems – in the wholesale and retail segments. More than 18,000 members of these trade cooperatives in 18 European countries, and over 7000 suppliers use our financial products.

From central settlement to trade-specific credit programmes, special financing, leasing products and solutions for debit cards payment, through to deposits – DZB BANK supports medium-sized retailers, trade cooperatives and franchise systems by providing solutions that are perfectly tailored to their needs.

Aktivbank: the SME ally

Aktivbank has been operating as a specialist bank for the trade and crafts since 1990, and considers itself an ally of SMEs, offering central settlement and factoring services. Today, it counts over 4000 medium-sized companies from more than 15 industries among its customers. The industry focus is on automotive parts, building materials and kitchens. Within the ANWR GROUP, Aktivbank is the dedicated institution for purchasing and sales financing for trade and crafts alliances. Our customers are primarily medium-sized wholesalers, retailers and processors who are organised in confederations, franchise organisations or cooperatives.

Working together for more security

Both financial institutions are members of the Protection Scheme of the Federal Association of German Cooperative Banks. The Protection Scheme is an expression of the solidarity of the cooperative banking group, whilst maintaining responsibility and self-government, and offers 100% protection of customer deposits and bearer bonds at the affiliated institutions, without capping.