WE … ensure liquidity for SMEs

“Imagine the following situation: you – a medium-sized company – have closed a great deal. One day after issuing the invoice, the invoiced amount is already showing on your statement. Should a buyer not be able to pay, Aktivbank offers 100% protection against bad debt losses.”

With this easy-to-understand service commitment, Aktivbank represents one of the most important products in the ANWR GROUP’s business segment of financial services.

Factoring: solvency guaranteed

Factoring simply means selling a receivable to a factoring institution. The principle is quite simple:

  • A company sells goods or services to its customers and issues an invoice.
  • The company then sells the amount receivable on to a financial services partner such as Aktivbank,
  • who will then pay the company an advance on the claim.
  • The customer subsequently pays the outstanding amount to Aktivbank.
  • Finally, Aktivbank pays the company the difference between advance and invoice amount and, on request, also handles the dunning and collections procedure.

Factoring is a matter of trust

Factoring speeds up payments! Because by selling their receivables, companies accelerate their payment receipts and gain liquidity immediately. This allows them to grant their customers their own – and frequently longer – payment terms. Aktivbank offers full protection against bad debt losses (del credere) for the receivables. On request, it also manages the accounts receivables and dunning process.

Factoring customers and factor must be able to rely on each other – which is precisely why more and more customers count on Aktivbank’s factoring services. For more information please visit www.aktivbank-factoring.de.