WE … provide smart services from a single source

The ANWR GROUP’s actions form the basis for the success of national and international cooperative systems for independent retailers and wholesalers. Our core tasks include

  • the integration of processes in order to connect manufacturers and retailers in the long term,
  • the provision of platforms that focus on the retailers’ long-term success,
  • the development of powerful information technologies,
  • and the building of structures that pave the way for innovations.

Increasing efficiency through central services

Useful services have been designed centrally to support our Trade & Partnerships and Financial Services business segments. We offer classic cross-section functions for confederation of retailers and their affiliated retailers with the following focus areas:

  • Trade fairs and order centre
  • EDI and ERP
  • Online/e-commerce
  • Seminars/training
  • Tax consultancy

Focused on service through and through

In addition, we have built up parts of our business organisation centrally. The parent units include controlling, finance, human resources, vendor management and master data management, facility management, logistics and procurement, information and communication technology with the business portals, the data centre and business development. Our headquarters is the base of traditional roles in innovation management and strategy development, corporate communications, project management, legal and compliance, as well as auditing and privacy policy.

Our central structure has the advantage that not every department needs to be present in each individual company within our group. We combine our expertise on behalf of our members and create efficient work processes for everyone.