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Lurz & Hölscher (LHVM) have been operating as successful independent insurance brokers for more than 20 years. Their team of experts specialises in risk management for medium-sized companies. With the member companies of the ANWR GROUP in mind, a special concept was designed that covers all business-related property, liability and transport risks in one policy.

The LHVM retailer police covers, among other things, the following items: 

  • Fire, burglary and vandalism, and glass breakage
  • Tap water, storm/hail and elemental damage
  • Loss of earnings due to business interruption
  • Anticipated profit (80% disposition supplement on product purchase value)
  • Electronic hazards including software insurance
  • Comprehensive transport insurance
  • Business and environmental liability including recall cost cover
  • Private and pet owners’ liability

Lurz & Hölscher – the insurance experts of the ANWR GROUP  

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