WE ... connect retailer and suppliers

The ANWAR GROUP, with its centralised IT department and the IT services providers ANWR Media and EBG Data, plays a central role in the value chain between production and retailers. Our main tasks in this area include the integration of processes with the goal of connecting manufacturers and retailers in the long term, providing platforms that lead to the long-lasting success of the retailers and to the development of powerful information technologies. The efficient use of data is a key driver for the successful implementation of these tasks on both the retailers’ and the industry’s side.

Integrated trading processes

We increase the efficiency of data usage, for example, by networking the partners involved in the value creation process over the long term. To this end, we have introduced many measures in recent years. One example is IPOS, the group’s proprietary integrated ERP system, which allowed us to develop an attractive portfolio for our shoe and sports retailers. We are continually expanding the scope of services offered by the clearing centre, for example, by providing electronic product catalogues. In addition, the ANWR GROUP operates its own data centre for the online use of IPOS and enables participation in never-out-of-stock processes (NOS).

The structure of the technical requirements for the networking of our retailers and manufacturers is the one side. Assisting our members in their day-to-day operations is the other. We help them to coordinate their operations in view of the possibilities of automation with EDI, and thus to simplify the processes in sales, warehouse and office. The benefits for the retailers include a reduced administrative burden and more freedom in managing the POS and the local sales processes.

A proprietary ERP system

Through our subsidiary EBG-Data, we serve more than 1100 domestic and international customers in matters related to ERP systems. Whether a small specialist or large store – as part of the increasing product range diversification in the trade and the industry-specific requirements an ERP system needs to fulfil, we have developed a dedicated, custom software solution for each division supported by us.

Upon request, IPOS can deliver the inventories of the stores in real time to downstream systems and enable them to participate in the multichannel without much effort for the retailer.
Sales in the individual online channels, as well as sales in the stationary branches, are booked in real time. Thus, the stocks are always up to date.