WE ... link brick-and-mortar retailers with the online world

Trading companies today face profound changes to their business models. New media present the industry with unfamiliar challenges: products such as tablets and smartphones, social networks and new payment and ERP systems will permanently change the business processes in the future.

Smart online strategies for the retail industry

The Internet is spreading in all spheres of life, and online trading continues to spread among consumers. Customers are no longer exclusively using one channel for interaction, but are also informing themselves and consciously buying in several channels. This development brings with it some unusual challenges for brick-and-mortar businesses, but also opens up new perspectives because many consumers research online before visiting a store – and vice versa. The rise of mobile commerce will reinforce this trend. For brick-and-mortar retailers, the success of their online strategy thus depends on the clever integration into their own overall strategy. The ANWR GROUP is taking up this trend and helping retailers to take the right path in the digital world. This is not primarily about selling products online, or to encourage retailers to get started with distance trade. It is rather about making sure that the retailers and their stores are found, and that their local services are presented on the Internet in the best possible way.

Schuhe.de – the major online shoe portal

This approach is evident on the top domain www.schuhe.de, initiated by the ANWAR GROUP. This is where consumers can find a unique platform for shoes, on which the product range of more than 4,000 specialist retailers is displayed. Each of the retailers presents itself with individual business cards on schuhe.de. On this “electronic business card”, the customer is informed about contact details, opening times, contacts, services and brand diversity. The “Digital Display Window” shows the available brands, models, sizes and prices - the data for this originate from the merchandise management system. With the “Payment Function”, direct sales are possible via schuhe.de. The retailers can integrate the “Digital Display Window” directly into their website, thereby making the product range visible and selling it online without major effort.

The manufacturers also have the opportunity to present themselves online: for example, with their own brand showroom. This is not only linked to the brands’ social media pages, but the brand showrooms also boast a digital advertising area on which the videos or images of current campaigns or products are displayed.

Custom services such as regional online marketing or social marketing perfectly round out the range of services we offer our retailers.