WE ... strengthen independent retailer

In the Trade & Partnerships division, our services focus on procuring goods internationally and organising the purchasing process. Some of the benefits for our retailers include, for example, access to more than 1000 suppliers, an extensive range of trade fairs, and operation of the dedicated order centre O1 in Mainhausen.

Our portfolio is perfectly rounded out by sales incentives, business consulting, training, logistics services and the efficient design of the data exchange between all partners involved in the value chain.

ANWR GROUP: Industry leader through renowned subsidiaries

  • Ariston-Nord-West-Ring Schuh (ANWR Schuh)
  • REXOR Schuh-Einkaufsvereinigung
  • SPORT 2000 Deutschland
  • GOLDKRONE Lederwaren-Handelsgesellschaft
  • ANWR Garant International with country units in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Scandinavia and Switzerland

What’s more, the ANWR GROUP also has shares in BICO Zweirad Marketing GmbH, one of the leading trade cooperatives in the bicycle market.

A key aggregator in the value chain between production and retailers

With more than 1,000 supplier contracts, the ANWAR GROUP offers retailers profitable access to the production side. By the same token, we enable many predominantly medium-sized suppliers to tap into an important sales channel in the shoe, sports and leather goods market.

With our passionate support for medium-sized enterprises, we play a major part in a the varied product portfolios we see in our retailer’s stores, and thus give consumers access to an unparalleled range of products.