WE … make cycling fun

A major shareholder in the ANWR GROUP is BIKE&CO, known as BICO. The strong confederation of retailers unites 650 bicycle retailers in all of Germany – with top brands and first-class service.

BIKE&CO: for the love of cycling

BICO – in the specialist bike trade, this doesn’t just mean a sticker on the door, but also indicates that customers can look forward to exclusive benefits once they step through the door. BICO prides itself in honest and professional advice, high-quality products and first-class service. What the community has to offer is unparalleled: only the BIKE&CO retailers, for example, sell bicycles from the renowned brand-name manufacturers Falter, Morrison and Cyclewolf.

The pooled, joint procurement approach enables BIKE&CO retailers to offer consumers premium quality at attractive prices, coupled with excellent advice – for more than 20 years now. Customers can always find a BICO store nearby, as BICO has developed quite an impressive network.

BIKE&CO stands for dedicated retailers, who not only see the bicycle product as a commodity, but also as an expression of individuality, passion and a way of life.