WE … stand for fine leather goods and trendy accessories

In addition to the shoe and sports segment, the ANWAR GROUP has shares in GOLDKRONE Lederwaren Handelsgesellschaft mbH, enabling it to operate in the leather goods and accessory lifestyle segments throughout Europe.

Success with the power of an innovative trade group

GOLDKRONE is a strong community of retailers and suppliers, which sees itself as a connector, facilitator and communicator between the different forms of trade and the different participants in the trading landscape.

As though choosing from a clearly structured modular system, retailers select suitable modules from a comprehensive range of services and thus create their individual success package.

All offers and activities are aimed at strengthening the competitiveness and profitability of our partner companies. In its core markets of Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium, GOLDKRONE benefits from decades of market experience and close networking with its partners.

GOLDKRONE is transparent and simple. There are no organisational constraints like a transnational umbrella brand concept, for example. GOLDKRONE allows all retailers to remain as unique as they are.