In our sports division, we offer medium-sized retailers who value individuality access to all the leading sports brands. Through a comprehensive range of services with focus on the supply of goods, sales promotion, business consulting and management of e-commerce processes, we contribute significantly to the long-term livelihood of our members. As an aggregator, SPORT 2000 Deutschland, for instance, which boasts 1000 sports retailers and 1400 sports stores, enables the industry to access one of the most significant sales channels in the sports goods trade.

SPORT 2000 stands for systematic individuality

Irrespective of whether an invididuality-focused sports goods manufacturer plays the role of top dog in its market, acts as a local supplier in a specific region, or specialises in one particular product range, SPORT 2000 provides strong background systems for such enterprises.

SPORT 2000 is the confederation of retailers with no system constraints. Rather, the retailers maintain their local entrepreneurial spirit. The character of each local retailer, which includes decision-making authority, is the key to success.

Sport is global – we are international

In European countries such as Switzerland and the Netherlands, we have positioned ourselves in the respective markets with our own sports units. This is done in part under the umbrella of SPORT 2000, while internationally FAIR PLAY is an important market partner. And we have developed smart networks in locations where we are not active yet. Via SPORT 2000, the ANWR GROUP is part of the powerful SPORT 2000 International, which operates 3500 outlets in 25 countries.