The ANWR GROUP is a cooperative group of companies. With a business volume of 14.5 billion euros (2019), it is among Europe’s leading trade cooperatives in the non-food sector. Around 5,000 independent companies in the shoe, sports and leather goods industry with almost 10,000 sales outlets, as well as numerous medium-sized confederations of retailers take advantage of our wide range of services. We are represented in many European countries.

The ANWR GROUP currently employs just under 1,300 members of staff. The number of employees in our affiliated trading companies is around 80,000.

A range of modern services for the trade

Our services focus on procuring goods internationally and organising the purchasing process. Some of the benefits for our affiliated trading companies include access to more than 1000 suppliers, attractive trade fairs and operation of a dedicated ordercenter. Our portfolio is rounded out by sales incentives, business consulting, training, logistics services and the efficient design of the data exchange between all partners involved in the value chain.

Effective financial solutions for the trade

The core financial services offered by the ANWR GROUP include central settlement and del credere liability. Solutions in the areas of factoring, corporate finance and payment effectively complement these services.