Confidence and transparency

Since more than 100 years ANWR GROUP has successfully managed trading and cooperative business. Beside innovative business ideas, reliable suppliers and retailers as well as shoppers eager to buy, also motivated personnel and the often-quoted “soft” factors were therefore necessary. On this belong e.g. quality of processes, trust and the conformance with internal and external requirements. In neo-German: Compliance.

Compliance encompasses not only the following of legal norms set up by the legislator such as the rules regarding data protection or antitrust, but also the living of „internal values“, i.e. the values defined by ourselves. There are e.g. the avoidance of conflicts of interests or an ethical clean cooperation with our business partners.

Additionally to the aspect of transparency and trust, the aim of compliance is also to possibly keep away any measurable damage to the company owing to non-conformance with legal norms (e.g. monetary fine, absorption of sales), but also immaterial damage (e.g. loss of image or reputation).

There are different legal norms in Germany for the general obligation to compliance, e.g. §§91.2 and 93 AktG, §34.1 GenG, §43 HGB, §130 OWiG. Furthermore, there are a plenty of special laws (e.g. within the labor or antitrust law) as well as voluntary standards for example the ”Corporate Governance Code for Cooperatives“. Eventually all results in the general obligation for diligence and legality of the management.

Essential components of the Compliance Management Systems of the ANWR GROUP are:

• Compliance guideline

• Working instruction “Contributions“

• Whistleblower system SAFE CHANNEL