WE … create value through appreciation

People are the key factor of success for our group of companies – something that no balance sheet will show. A service centre like the ANWR GROUP can work only if motivated and committed employees do their best to keep our retailers and partners satisfied. And this is precisely what our entire business model is founded on: employees who know their brands, employees who know their customers, and employees who master the processes.

Independent employees through flat hierarchies and simple structures

The workflows in a diversified group of companies such as the ANWR GROUP are becoming increasingly complex. At the same time, we are faced with increasing competitive pressure, and a tight budget leads to decentralised management structures. In order for these conditions to lead to success, we need confident, decisive, well-informed, driven employees throughout the organisation. Our success is based on clear decision-making paths, simple and meaningful information systems and strong customer focus among employees. These are the only factors that can prevent bureaucracy, isolated thinking, information hoarding and sluggish organisational structures.

As part of our corporate guidelines, we prefer powerful organisational units with which employees can identify without forgetting that they are part of the group as a whole.