WE … are committed to sustainability

Sustainability means safeguarding economic success and acting conscientiously towards people and the environment. The business activities of the ANWR GROUP and its subsidiaries are guided by economic, social and environmental principles. We demonstrate social responsibility by assisting medium-size companies, participating in social projects like the ANWR children’s aid project, or investing in renewable energy.

Being responsible means acting sustainably

Naturally, the ANWR GROUP pursues clear economic objectives. Nevertheless, acting responsibly for the benefit of the community is a key component of the corporate culture in our cooperative group. At the same time, we are equally committed to our environment, to society and to our employees. We are convinced that the ANWAR Group will only continue to grow in the long term if it conserves resources, maintains fair and trusting relationships with employees and partners alike, and makes a clear contribution to society.

A sustainable approach to retail

We pay particular attention to the structural development of the retail sector. We devote a lot of our time to the issue of our responsibility as a cooperative towards our retailers, whose independence and long-term viability we strive to safeguard and develop. In the process, we focus on maintaining a diverse retail landscape, which represents high added value for the consumer. Only in-depth dialogue with leaders from politics, economy and society allows us to actively shape the conditions that apply to the commitment to our industries.