WE … protect the climate and the environment

Owing to the energy transition associated with the shortage of resources, corporate management is increasingly focused on energy efficiency. Those who don’t take action now and find new ways towards a more economical use of energy will fall behind considerably compared to the competition. As a major trade cooperative, the ANWR GROUP is aware of its responsibilities and actively contributes to the protection of the climate and environment. To this end, the company has defined three spheres of activity: increasing energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse emissions and conserving resources.

Falling energy costs through effective consultation

In collaboration with MITTELSTANDSVERBUND, we offer our retailers energy consultations by specially trained advisors. These experts recognise the weaknesses and savings potentials directly on site in the businesses. The aim of the initiative is to significantly reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions. We are thus also supporting the national Climate Initiative of the Federal Government and the “Energy consulting for SMEs” programme.

Modelling progress

We are setting a good example in all our locations. As a result, the ANWAR GROUP in Mainhausen feeds electricity into the public power grid from one of the largest photovoltaic roof systems in the greater Aschaffenburg area. A total of over 871 solar panels feed approximately 200,000 kilowatt hours per year into the public power grid. Enough to supply about 50 four-person households. In addition, the systems – which were commissioned in 2010 – reduce CO2 emissions significantly.

Our order centre O1 on the ANWR CAMPUS in Mainhausen is state of the art. It achieves figures that are around 20% under those stipulated in the Energy Saving Ordinance, for example. With almost 900 panels, the solar system on the roof of the neighbouring exhibition halls fits perfectly into this sustainability concept. Since 2010, approximately 200,000 kilowatt hours of electricity have been generated annually.

Initiatives with focus on ecological sustainability

Environmental awareness is also important in our subsidiaries, one example being SPORT 2000’s GREEN & FAIR project. Here, sustainable products are marked with the “GREEN & FAIR” label. This reassures consumers that the product they bought was manufactured under fair conditions and in consideration of ecological sustainability.