WE ... are focused on the community

Due to its cooperative tradition, the ANWAR Group is committed to its social responsibility.

The ANWR children's aid initiative supports disadvantaged children

The ANWR GROUP has been supporting mentally and physically disabled children for over 30 years. Through the ANWR children's aid initiative (ANWAR Kinderhilfe e.V.), we help disadvantaged children through social projects that are funded either by governmental or by charitable organisations.

We collect donations, for instance, during our large-scale Christmas campaign and at numerous cultural and sports events. What makes the ANWAR children’s aid project special is that all donations are forwarded in full to social projects and directly benefit handicapped children and young adults. We do not charge any administrative or organisational fees, and all employees contribute to the initiative as volunteers.

ANWR children’s aid from 1983 to today

Would you like to find out which projects have been funded by the ANWAR children’s aid initiative to date? Click here to read about our recent history and the projects we supported.

Want to make a difference? – Donate!

After all, that’s the only way to really help mentally and physically disabled children and to realise social projects in the long term.

As a non-profit organisation, we will gladly provide you with a tax-deductible donation receipt. Read our project report to find out how we have invested your money. For the benefit of the disadvantaged children of the world.