• Inspiring Retail

    Our world is alive, always in motion - without change, there is no progress. To do this, we network processes, knowledge and data to add value for all and use the power of a modern community. We contribute to the success of the trade and inspire consumers and industry with our services - nationally and internationally.

  • The trade of the future

    We are getting closer to the trade of the future every day - whether through the use of RFID, the virtual shelf extension for the exchange of goods between stores and between retailers, the optimization of logistical processes or the opening of new sales channels in the online world. The possibilities for this will be demonstrated at the ANWR Future Forum - the next in November 2018

  • A forward-looking interpretation of the cooperative principle

    Our group has been successful for almost 100 years because we have always aligned innovative strategies with the traditional cooperative values of trust, responsibility, integrity and sustainability.

  • The culture of our work

    Progress, networking, team success and freedom - These four cultural attributes characterize the cooperation in the ANWR GROUP and form the basis for international career opportunities. Individual training programs, sustainable health management, dedicated managers and a strong community: a few reasons why we are so popular as an employer.

  • Smart linking of brick-and-mortar retail businesses and the online world

    schuhe.de is the first online portal with which we have built the bridge between the online world and brick-and-mortar retail businesses. Customers can at all times choose between online and offline shopping. What makes this an exciting prospect is that we make our retailers visible and bring them back into consumer minds.


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