For successful trade

As a community of independent trading companies, the ANWR group of companies ensures the performance and market success of its partners, networks industry and trade and offers added value for each individual with innovative and demand-oriented products and services.

Three areas are optimally networked for the benefit of the partnership on the trade and industry side:

  • Trade and Cooperations
  • Financial Services
  • Trade-related services

Successful formats

Together with around 5,000 retail entrepreneurs, the ANWR GROUP and its cooperations ensure a wide range of products in around 10,000 specialist shops in many European countries - with a unique variety of offers in the retail sectors of shoes, sports and leather goods.

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Strong financial partners

In order to survive in a competitive environment, cooperatives, association groups, franchise systems and their wholesale and retail companies as well as suppliers and industrial partners also need experienced financial partners. The two banks of the ANWR GROUP, DZB BANK and AKTIVBANK, are among the leading banks in Europe with their financial products for trade and commerce.

Both institutions specialise in central settlement including del credere liability, factoring, corporate financing and the processing of trade-related payment solutions. With this comprehensive range of products, DZB BANK and AKTIVBANK make a significant contribution to the financing of many commodity flows.

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Efficient service

Central services support the areas of Trade & Cooperation and Financial Services and round them off comprehensively:

  • E-commerce
  • Trade fairs and order location
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Data Management
  • Securing locations and expansion

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