Customised financing

In order to survive in competition, cooperatives, association groups, franchise systems, their wholesale and retail companies as well as suppliers and industrial partners also need experienced financial partners.

The two banks of the ANWR Group, DZB BANK and AKTIVBANK, are among the leading providers throughout Europe with their financial products for trade and crafts.

Both institutions specialise in central settlement including del credere liability, factoring, corporate financing and the settlement of trade-oriented payment flows.

With this comprehensive range of products, DZB BANK and AKTIVBANK make a significant contribution to the financing of the international flow of goods for trade and commerce.

As one of Europe's largest providers of central settlements with a comprehensive range of financial solutions for the trade, DZB BANK gives its customers reliable backing both nationally and internationally. To this end, it develops future-proof solutions that are specially tailored to the requirements of wholesalers and retailers - to optimally exploit economic advantages, secure distribution channels and satisfy all customers.

The bank's offering ranges from customised financing and trade-specific credit programmes to special financing, leasing products and attractive financial investments to DZB Payment for processing card-based payment transactions at the POS and payment processing in e-commerce (e-payment).


Central settlement and factoring are among AKTIVBANK's core competencies. Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular suffer from liquidity bottlenecks when the payment of invoices is delayed or long payment terms are imposed. A proven remedy against this can be factoring, i.e. the sale of invoices:

Companies gain additional liquidity from outstanding accounts by AKTIVBANK purchasing and pre-financing the receivables. The receivables are paid out within 24 hours - up to 100 percent of the invoice amounts. In addition, factoring protects against payment default, as the purchase by AKTIVBANK is also associated with 100 percent protection against bad debt losses. In addition, AKTIVBANK can take over accounts receivable accounting, including dunning and collection.