E-commerce made easy

The online platforms schuhe.de, bagmondo.de (for bags, suitcases and accessories) and the sports platform sport2000.de enable stationary specialist retailers to sell directly in the digital world. The e-commerce control tool QUALIBET® creates the prerequisite for retailers to control all activities and sales on numerous online marketplaces.

QUALIBET®is the interface to e-commerce. The specially developed marketplace control tool of the ANWR group of companies efficiently combines the orders via schuhe.de, bagmondo.de or SPORT2000.com as well as via other external online marketplaces for the retail partners. For this purpose, the tool enables a transparent overview of all transactions at a glance as well as comprehensive evaluation and control options.

QUALIBET® has been open to the market as a digital industry solution since July 2019. With this step, the ANWR group of companies offers the industry an efficient e-commerce solution for the integration of retail inventories on branded online shops of manufacturers.

schuhe.de is a unique platform for shoes, fashion and accessories that features the ranges of over 1,700 local specialist retailers.

With over 150,000 articles from more than 1,000 brands, schuhe.de thus offers the largest selection of shoes and accessories for men, women and children in Germany.

bagmondo.de - this is where the leather goods retailers of GOLDKRONE show their assortments. Based on the technology of schuhe.de, customers are offered everything they know from a well-stocked specialist shop.

Participating retailers can be found via the specialist shop search and present themselves there with their digital business cards.

On SPORT2000.de 1,500 SPORT 2000 shops with sports and leisure articles are united in an online shop.The platform is a market place for the partner companies to make their assortment visible and to enable online sales even without their own shop solution. The sports retailers also have the option of integrating their assortment into their own website with the online shop functions.